Rosemary: “The prince of herbs!”

Tradition says that rosemary appears to have something in common with the flame of a candle: the direction towards the sky, the uplift!

There are many myths and stories about rosemary, such as Venus who covered her body with rosemary when she emerged from the sea or Virgin Mary who left her mantle over the bush and by the next morning, the flowers of the shrub had turned blue.

It is the “prince of herbs” as actually was called in the old days. This isn’t a surprising characterization, considering the amazing properties and numerous applications of this herb.
Dioscorides, Ovid and Theophrastus claimed that rosemary is the herb of thought. Arabs doctors appreciated it a lot because they knew that it could restore vitality, memory and speech.
Rosemary contains an ingredient that fights the free radicals which can be very damaging for the brain.
Also rosemary is the herb that elevates the mood and for that reason is granted to people who are in tension, stress, as in depression of mild to medium severe form.
In the Middle Ages rosemary was an essential component of the vinegar of the four thieves“, a mix of vinegar with herbs against plague.
Italian researchers have also found that rosemary contains a protein that protects the skin from stress, toxins and free radicals.
The water of the Queen of Hungary was an elixir of youth, which was said to be a concoction of rosemary, cedar and tervinthinis.

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