Sunshine Juice Blend

Great raw juice…fresh mango in it adds some more exotic flavor and makes you dream you are in Carribean…great post!

With Raw Intentions

To say that I love freshly squeezed orange juice would be a severe understatement. It’s probably more accurate to say that if I had the resources to fund a drinking fountain of endless fresh squeezed OJ for my home I’d combust from too much joy (and I’d probably attract a lot of friendly neighbors). Aside from the fact that it tastes so sweet and refreshing, the benefits of fresh orange juice are remarkable. It’s important to first recognize that fresh squeezed juice is much, much different than the array of processed blends that are available on supermarket shelves. Even though they look and smell almost identical, commercial OJ is highly engineered.

From a technical perspective, we know that after the oranges are squeezed, the juice is stored in giant holding tanks and, critically, the oxygen is removed from them. That essentially allows the liquid to keep (for up to…

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