Today’s quote


sit on steps of Acropolis
city of Athens spreads below
square miles of white houses
seen with perspective of crow

occasional plantation of olives
some grass, a temple or two
people clamber on steps and
walls getting gods’ eye view

on top of the hill, three
hundred and sixty degrees
marble everywhere, would
pray but too hard on knees

come across a kestrel
above edge of the wall
bird finds its spot, hovers
hundreds of feet tall

now a grey pigeon walks
along Parthenon path
surveys today’s intruders
before taking rock-bath

maidens made of marble
support a roof of stone
on a smaller temple nearby
standing impressively alone

overlooking Athens it seems
like great rocks have tumbled
down to ground level and
as houses have reassembled

beyond this great city on
all sides mountains sprawl
except in one direction
the sea with its magic calls

brown-white-black-orange butterfly
opens wings on gold dandelion
as symmetrical Lycabetus hill
displays tourist centre fine

Greek’s proud flag, white
cross in top-left-corner
against blue and white stripes
flies free in wind, adorns here

a few fir trees have rooted
grass grows in sparse clumps
otherwise bare rock and stones
where countless tourists tramp

in the sea-direction
is a hill covered in trees
crowned by Philopappou temple
possibly different gods please

overlook Hadrian’s Arch and
a giant Roman amphitheatre
contrast types of buildings
different architectural features”

by Lee Emmett


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