Today’s X ways to: use parsley!


Chewing parsley leaves can actually help with bad breath issues. Parley leaves contain high amounts of chlorophyl wich eliinates bad breath. According to Dr. Howard Westcott’s findings back in 1950, chlorophyl used in small doses, can have a neutralizing effect on breath and several body odors.


3 thoughts on “Today’s X ways to: use parsley!

  1. Somewhere years ago I had read that but mostly forgotten it until now. I need to find a way to get my dog to eat it regularly, lol — her chew treats for that are not working!

      • I’ve never tried to get her to eat parsley, and she loves her chew bones that are supposed to improve her breath, but they don’t. I’d almost have to introduce her to parsley by mixing it in her food, idk. But, then again, she munches on grass all the time, so maybe getting her to eat parsley wouldn’t be that much of a stretch, lol!

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