Laughter: did you know that…

when you laugh..

  • you use 17 facial muscles.
  • for 15 minutes is as beneficial as 2 hours of sleep.
  • your brain releases betaendorphins which have an analgesic action.
  • cortisol levels are reducing, and this enhances your immune system.
  • blood sugar levels are reduced.
  • you can heal yourself.
  • stress levels are reduced.
  • blood circulation improves. Laughter is beneficial to the heart and the vascular system.
  • your breathing becomes “deeper”
  • for 17 minutes a day, you increase your life expectancy by one day.
  • brain oxygen levels increase and fatigue is reduced.
  • you can beat depression, one of the basic factors of sleepiness.
  • you can reduce sleepines and stay awake!

…more of did you know that soon.


2 thoughts on “Laughter: did you know that…

  1. For a long time I’ve been told that laughter is beneficial, but now I know just HOW MUCH benefit comes from it! Great to know this — thanks!

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