Apricots: did you know that…

  • the seeds inside the kernels of apricots can protect you from cancer?
  • they contain high levels of vitamin B17 which is described as an immune system booster.
  • vitamin B17 or Leatrili was discovered by Ernst Krebs and is probably the strongest anti-cancer substance.
  • to Chounza, the longest living people in the world who live in Pakistan and call themselves descendants of the soldiers of Alexander the Great, cancer is completely unknown.
  • Scientists from Memorial studied the nutrition of Chounza. They found that the Chounza people eat lots of apricots and also the inside of the kernels of apricots.
  • When a Western doctor visited Chounza, apricots were offered to him. The Chounza made ​​a grimace of disgust when they saw him spit the best part: the kernels.

Caution: Try eating 1-2 of them daily to keep yourself healthy. Avoid to consume more than 3 per day as they contain cyanide which can be poisonous in large quantities.

…more of did you know that soon.


13 thoughts on “Apricots: did you know that…

  1. I watched a short documentary on YouTube many years back about apricot kernels and vitamin B17. Would love to give the name of the documentary, but I cannot remember it. Amazing are the potential health benefits of apricot kernels.

    • It is true that anything bitter is good for our health, especially for cancer issues. I have also read that cancer cells love sugar as well as lack of oxygen. Therefore, bitter and oxygen are the first two things doctors should syggest.

      • Agreed; I would also recommend vitamin H & L to prevent and cure cancer: Hydration from spring water and juices, Love from everything including yourself. Cancer would be a thing of the past. Have a great day.

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