Mastic: did you know that…

  • mastic is a resin which is obtained from the trees called mastic trees.
  • mastic trees of Chios Island in Greece, produce the world famous therapeutic resin in droplets from the trees.
  • the resin is dry and hard but when chewed softens and becomes white. It is a natural sugar free gum with a cedar flavor. It is the oldestt gum of the ancient world.
  • it is used for its therapeutic properties since the ancient times. Hippocrates mentioned that mastic is good for prevention of digestive problems and colds.
  • decreases levels of total serum cholesterol.
  • it helps digestion.
  • calms the coughing and stress.
  • it is anti inflamatory.
  • it has been used as natural medicine for wound healing.
  • helps the skin reconstruction.

…more of did you know that soon.


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