Today’s X ways to: “use coffee”

card24I’m not suggesting not to clean your fridge of course! However, this actually works when some kind of smell, like a rotten orange, persists even if you clean the fridge thoroughly. 

Put 2 tsp of ground coffee (I use Greek ground coffee which has a unique scent but I suppose it works with other ground coffees too) in a small plate and just place it in the fridge. Leave it at least for one day. It will absorb all the bad smelling.

You can also use it in a cabinet or a box or even the car. Try it and get rid of persistent smells.


2 thoughts on “Today’s X ways to: “use coffee”

  1. This makes so much sense! Everyone always says to smell coffee between fragrance smells to get rid of the previous scent; but in the fridge is genius!

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