Eating the sun!

Sun PhilopappouThe Sun is the primary life force on Earth. Sun is the source of life. Without the Sun’s radiance, life would not exist on this planet.
Breathing and eating are two of the essential elements of the human life. The primal energy source, the sunlight grows the plants. We, humans eat the plants or the animals which are fed by the plants to receive the energy that keeps us alive.

Can we “eat” the sun rays directly through our eyes? The ancient cultutres were adoring the Sun as a God; they were aware of the connection with the Sun and Earth in all levels and they used the practise of  sungazing to receive large amounts of energy directly from the Sun. Sungazing (Heliotherapy) was known to Aztecs, ancient Egyptians ancient Greeks. Hippocrates, “the Father of Medicine”, practiced the sun-cure in the temple of Aesculapius on the island of Cos, in ancient Greece. Apollo was the God of Helios (Sun).

Sungazing is very easy to be done, especially when you live in the countryside and you can see the sun rizing from the horizon level or the sunset.
During the sunrise stand barefoot on the ground (or at the beach if you are nearby the sea) and stare directly to the Sun. You can do the same in the evening just before sunset. Don’t use sunglasses, just stare directly to the sun. You can do it safely up to 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour prior sunset.
CAUTION: It is not safe for the eyes if you in the between hours of the day when the UV rays are harmful.
The first time you Sungaze just look directly to the Sun for only 10 seconds. You can increase the time of staring time by 10 seconds each day.
You can reach up to 44 minutes after a period of time. The power and silent wisdom of self awareness you will receive from the Sun is tremendous. You will feel it from the first time through the vibrating energy in your body and heart. Just remember to stare the sun safely as mentioned above. The barefoot connection with the Earth while staring the sun is another key point which makes this experience even stronger; your body will act like a battery, storing the energy in your whole being. You will understand what I mean when you start practicing this technique. It is preferable to Sungaze during the Sunrise (when nature is reborn in the morning) but even Sunset is ok.

Some of the health benefits of Sungazing are:

  • Improvment of the eyesight. Even if it sounds odd your eyesight will improve through the healing rays of the Sun.
  • The light that is received directly from the Sun stimulates the pineal gland and boosts the production of melatonin and serotonin, the hormones of feeling good.
  • Helps weight loss as recieving the Sun energy directly through the eyes reduces the need for food.
  • Regular sungazing helps restoring the balance and efficiency of the body cells.
  • Increases the size of the pineal gland and stimulates the inner vision.
  • Experience various physicall and spiritual benefits . After 90 days of continious sungazing with the way that described above, mental dissorders, mental diseases, stress and fear are gone. After 180 days physical illnesses and dissorders are cured. It is said that after 180 days the need for food is being reduced and after 270 days there is no need for food but only for water. To keep the energy in the body just walk for 20 mins barefoot on earth afterwards. (Do your own further research)

Sun is a great source of wisdom and blessing. The Light is feeding us with energy when it touches our skin and reconnects us with the Divine source and the wisdom of the Universe. Try this amazing experience by yourself and feel the deep silence of the wholeness.
If you are interested in all these you can do your own research before you start practicing. Enjoy a unique experience!


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