Do you feel sleepy?

To retrieve your energy you need food. Always remember to avoid large and indigestible meals.
Aristotle in his work”on sleep and waking” says that sleep is caused by the fumes emanating from the stomach towards the heart through the veins, during the digestion process. “.. Sleep is not any weakness of the senses, but from the fumes of food this passion is made ..
Indigestible food causes more fatigue and sleepiness. In order to digest a big meal, large amounts of blood are routed to the stomach. This results the inadequate blood supply to the other organs of the body and brain.

  • Choose a light and nutrient-rich salad for lunch or dinner.
  • Instead of rice, try quinoa which contains protein and potassium, so it helps the balanced function of muscle and nervous system.
  • If you absolutely need animal products in your meal, choose eggs (not fried) that give energy and a sense of fullness or fish which contains potassium.
  • Adopt a diet that includes foods with high nutritional value and low glycemic index.
  • Avoid breads, pastas, meats and dairy products.
  • Don’t eat too much of anything.

Eat small portions of nutritious food. As long as we are not full, the orexin continues to be produced. The neurons that produce orexin ensure that we are awake in order to seek food. Thus, we remain active.

30 Ways to Stay Awake


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