Melons: did you know that…

  • it contains antioxidants, vitamins A and, C as well as thiamin, niacin, B6 and potassium.
  • contains no cholesterol.
  • reduces blood pressure and cholesterol while it protects against various types of cancer.
  • in the Philippines, grains of melon are used  for cancer treatment.
  • the more ripe melons contain higher rates of beta-carotene.
  • is antiseptic and anticoagulant so it reduces the chances of heart attack and strokes.
  • it contains large amounts of water so it is diuretic.
  • it blocks the activity of LDL cholesterol.
  • the melon peels can be used as a beneficial a facial mask which stimulates the skin and reduces adolescent acne.

…more of did you know that soon.


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