Updates: Tomato marmalade



Since it is tomato season, yesterday I made some new tomato marmalade. I mention though a few additional notes that would be very helpful.

1. It takes about 4,5 pounds tomatoes to get 2 pounds of peeled, squeezed and without seeds tomato stuff.

2. When it starts to boil you have to remove the thick foam that comes on the surface. See the picture below

Marmalade tips

Marmalade recipe updates

Remove it with a spoon and throw it away.

3. It took almost 1 hour to be done (I use gas cooker). In the first 1/2 hour (and more) you can stir a few times, then let it boil for a little while, then stir again etc. After it starts to thicken, you have to stir almost continously.

4. This tomato quantity makes about 2,5 pounds of marmalade.

The “Before” is the level of the tomato stuff before it starts to boil and the “After” is when the marmalade was done.

Marmalade tips

Marmalade recipe updates

Don’t worry if it smells like tomato sauce at the beginning. It is tomato after all.  The final smell and taste won’t be like tomato sauce at all!


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