Hot peppers: did you know that…

  • the daily consumption of 10g fresh red hot peppers, according to studies, can help reduce body weight
  • the consumption of red hot peppers should be done carefully so as not to upset the digestive system.
  • the hot red peppers contain capsaicin which in small doses can be considered a therapeutic substance.
  • capsaicin is a neurotoxin which acts on nerve cells in our body.
  • their use as a natural painkiller seems to be known to the Caribbean Indians thousands of years ago.
  • capsaicin is used as a component in creams for muscle aches and heating patches.
  • red hot peppers are rich in vitamin A, B6, C, K, folic acid and manganese and antioxidants.

…more of did you know that soon.


2 thoughts on “Hot peppers: did you know that…

  1. Most of this I already knew, and if I could tolerate the heat I would eat more of them. But I had no idea about the weight loss side of things — I’ll have to look into finding ways to be able to comfortably consume more of them in the future!

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