Do it yourself: refresh your old breakfast tray

Well, once upon a time, I had an old and dirty tray, wondering around the garden and wearing out by the rain and sun..

refreshing an old tray

It was completely useless since it was dirty and impossible to look clean again, no matter how hard I washed it.

Then I discovered I had some pink paint stored and I thought that I might could do something with it. So I used it to paint the worn out wooden surface of my tray.

refresh an old tray

This was a refreshing touch but still wasn’t enough because the (..used to be..) white surface was so dirty that no food or drink would ever want to sit on it..

So, I had to cover it with something.. I did not want it to look cheesy or quickie, but neither to spend a lot of money for fixing up this old tray. I was doing it just for fun and …recycling.

Then it came to me! Some old magazines, some white glue, brushes and varnish, and … voilà!

refresh an old tray with decoupageI used the “decoupage” method, not so perfectly but the results were good enough for my purpose!

Here are some instructions for decoupage

After applying varnish and drying of course, the tray was ready to start again his!

I used some pages of magazines, related to food and drink.

Now I have a fancy tray and something to read while having breakfast!

You can also use newspaper pieces for decoupage and also apply this method to other things in your house.


…Evelyn 🙂

…more of do it yourself soon.


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