Raw food book FREE days!


September 20-24


450 pages full of everything you need to know about Raw food diet and lifestyle!

  • Preparation techniques and secrets,
  • Kitchen appliances,
  • Methods, facts and benefits of raw diet,
  • Learn about soaking, sprouting and fermenting,
  • Make nuts and grain milk, cheese,
  • Plus
  • 220 unique, original recipes by Dimitris Raw vegan Chef with great pictures!

In this book you will find all the tools you need for your Raw food trip, from the very essential thoughts to the most special techniques.
Dimitris Raw vegan Chef, shares with you all his experience, knowledge and inspiration in this 450 pages Special Raw Diet Guide.
All the recipes included, are unique and 100% tested, with original photos.
Raw vegan versions of classic and traditional recipes from cuisines such as Asian or Greek.
There is nothing you can’t prepare in Raw food; plain, classic, easy and special gourmet dishes, soups, desserts, snacks, pies, breads, entrees, main dishes, apetizers, cheese, beverages, it’ all, right here in this book for you to try and explore.


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