Plant your own rosemary bush

how to plant rosemaryPlanting and growing rosemary is very easy,

as long as there is:

1. enough sunlight. This doesn’t mean that the sun should “burn” the plant all day long, but it certainly needs to recieve direct sunlight for a few hours each day.

2. an already grown rosemary somewhere, from which you can cut one or two sprigs.

That’s it!

how to plant rosemarySo, cut one or two sprigs from another rosemary bush and place them for 5-6 days in water, as you do with flowers. Don’t expect them to grow roots; you’re just preparing them for the planting.

Then, get a nice and comfortable pot; not to small. Put in the pot some good soil combined with natural compost (optional). Rosemary doesn’t need much to grow, however it likes a well drained soil. So, you can also put some river sand or pumice stone in the pot before you add the soil.

Plant the sprigs (1/3 of the sprig in the soil, 2/3 outside)

Water when you see the soil drying. Rosemary doesn’t like overwatering.

Enjoy watching your little rosemary grow!


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