Life is all about creation, living through and for expressions of love, experiencing each and every prescious moment. X-ways to series materialised these principles through the joy of creation, collaboration and sharing. Each book is a continiously blossomed flower as the human breath itself.

Do it Your Way!

You can join the X-Ways experience by learning and enjoying more and more new ways with every new book!


1Evelyn has studied Drama, Fine Arts and Feng Shui.

“I love writing, learning and sharing thoughts and experiences with the world! This is what life is all about. I wish I will be always able to write more and more books that will give the world something useful and enjoyable!”

meSotiris has studied Graphic Arts and Photography. He enjoys working on new ideas and innovative projects.

“I love exploring new ideas with passion and being in active creation. I believe human beings are born to rediscover that they are creators and be present to their masculine or feminine side so they create balanced relationships for the creation of the new Earth. I believe in the power of action, growth, encouragment and focusing on the ideals of living with love and direction in every second of our lives. The last year i keep rediscovering the masculine energy within, the energy of co-creation and responsibility which should guide every male human being in these rapidly transforming times.”



Dimitris Nikolaidis(author of the 220 Raw Recipes) Raw food was for me much more than a simple culinary choice since the beginning. I don’t see myself as a chef but more as an explorer on this vibrant lifestyle with countless possibilities and a lot of fun. Food is emotion!It affects every single emotion and with the proper self knowledge we can turn food into the art of living. Raw food diet is the art of living. I had the pleasure to join my Greek teacher Flora Papadopoulou at the USA raw culinary school “Alisha kohen” and be certified in several of courses. Lately I’m doing my raw steps in Asia, joining several mixed international raw school classes plus the practice I‘m doing myself by experimenting on the local raw culinary possibilities.



(co-author of “18 Greek recipes“) Dimitris Bertzeletos was born in Athens. Since 2002 he lives and works as a dietitian in the city of Tripoli. He is a Harokopio University graduate with Masters in Public Health. Since 2003 he has been a scientific associate of FC Asteras Tripolis, while he performs duties of Vice of the Hellenic Federation of Dietitians-Nutritionists. He is also Secretary of the amateur club of AEK Tripolis.


(co-author of “18 Greek recipes“) The Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist Kathy Vamvouka was born in Athens in 1983. In 2004 she graduated from the Faculty of Science of Dietetics-Nutrition of Harokopio University, and during 2004-2006 she studied at the Medical School of the University of Crete obtaining a Masters’s degree, entitled “Organization and Management of Health Services” with specialization in “Nutrition and Public Health”.


(co-author of “18 Greek recipes“) Varagiannis A. Panagiotis was born in Athens. He originally completed his studies at the Faculty of Science of Dietetics – Nutrition of the Harokopio University and continued with postgraduate studies in Great Britain, where he obtained his MSc M. MED. Sc in Human Nutrition. Specialized in Clinical Dietetics in the Medical School of the University of Glasgow as a scholar of Harokopio Foundation. His research focused on important issues related to Clinical Dietetics. Since 2003 he has worked as a Clinical dietitian at his private office on the island of Salamis.


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