What is Bo-he

I recently had an objection from a reviewer that Bo He is not wild mint, he or she said exactly ” Chinese (Bo He) Mint is not wild. It is widely cultivated and harvested 2-3 times a year in China.” Well, I would like to add some informative quotes about bo he: “BO HE Mentha […]


Mint and Pregnancy

There are several herbs that even though they are very beneficial, they better be avoided during pregnancy. However, as several documents and opinions say, Mint Tea is not one of them; and by mint tea we are talking about mint infusions or decoctions. According to my research, all mint formulas better be avoided during breastfeeding, […]

homemade apple vinegar

Do it yourself: apple vinegar

Making apple vinegar at home is not that difficult. Actually it is quite easy but it takes some time (about 1 to 1,1/2 month). Apple vinegar has so many benefits that will amaze you, such as: Drinking 1 tbsp apple vinegar in 1 glass of water helps in allergies, weight loss, reduces cholesterol and blood […]

2 Free Books Each Month!

A new offer opens this week: Every month, 2 of you can get the book of their preference, totaly FREE! You don’t have to do much. Just X-Ways Facebook Fan Page! And if you don’t win this time, there is always a change next month! Because this offer is not just for December 2013; it […]

X-Ways to use: Lettuce

Winter time, the season of Lettuce, a vegetable that can do for you more than just a salad! Do you have spider veins on your face? Then, lettuce is your ingredient for a natural face mask! Ingredients: 3-4 lettuce leaves (small to medium) 2 tbsp olive oil ½ lemon juice How to: We will not […]