Updates: Tomato marmalade

BOOK: 30 Ways to EAT A TOMATO RECIPE: MARMELADE IT! Since it is tomato season, yesterday I made some new tomato marmalade. I mention though a few additional notes that would be very helpful. 1. It takes about 4,5 pounds tomatoes to get 2 pounds of peeled, squeezed and without seeds tomato stuff. 2. When […]

Recipe: Ball it!

A Tomato recipe from the book “30 Ways to Eat a Tomato” Preparation and cooking time: 60 minutes Side dish – serves 4 Ingredients: 4 tomatoes (peeled) 2 onions finely chopped (medium to large) 3.5 ounces feta cheese (100g) 1 tsp fresh spearmint (chopped) 1 tsp fresh parsley (chopped) 1 tsp dill (chopped) 1, ½ […]

Recipe: Tomatoes and eggs

Serves 3 Ingredients: 3 tomatoes 6-7 eggs 4 tbsp olive oil pinch of salt Oregano or spearmint pepper Preparation: Wash and cut the tomatoes. Squeeze it with your palm to remove liquids and seeds. Cut the tomato flesh into medium pieces. In a skillet, heat 4 tblsp olive oil over high heat. Add the tomatoes […]

Eat tomatoes with imagination!

Tomato is one of the most famous fruits in the world! The Mediterranean cuisine adores tomatoes. Cooked beaked, roasted, dried, raw…, there are so many ways to eat a tomato and perhaps many others you haven’t even think of. One thing is certain: “Love apple” is delicious and healthy! Enjoy it! “30 Ways to Eat […]