“80 Recipes For Beauty Face Masks and a Complete Guide to Create Your Own Combinations” is exactly what it says!
In this book you will find:
80 natural face mask recipes
Instructions on preparing, applying, removing a mask and application frequency.
Skin types general information
Scrub, lotion and cleansing instructions and basic natural recipes.
A “skin problems and needs” catalog where you can find the ingredients that suit your needs.
An “ingredients properties” catalog, where you will find all the ingredients properties and benefits.
All these combine a complete guide to use, prepare and make up your own, unique face mask recipes! All the information you need in the most handy book!

30 Ways to Stay Awake. Want to stay awake till late at night?
Wish you could overtake sleep because you have some important things to do?
The day seems too long and boring, and your eyelids feel heavier and heavier?
There are several ways to help you defeat Hypnos, the God of Sleep!
Herein you will find some simple and useful tips that will help you beat the occasional drowsiness or stay awake longer in a particular circumstance.

You will find out what works best for you, while you can discover more about sleep facts in the interesting sources and links included in this book.
Stay Awake and be creative!

30 Ways to use Rosemary is the brand new book of the creative “X-Ways to” e-book series. An introduction to the numerous uses of Rosemary: an herb with multiple properties and benefits, variously used since the ancient times until today.


Acropolis 30 ways to see it30 Ways to see the Acropolis. An alternative tourist guide around Acropolis of Athens downloadable to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, kindle fire or e-reader.
A different, casual way to See the Acropolis with colorful original photos from an the eyes of a local resident.

tomato recipes

30 Ways to Eat a Tomato. Cooked beaked, roasted, dried, raw…, there are so many ways to eat a tomato, perhaps more than you can even think of. One thing is certain: The tomato is delicious, healthy, with a cheerful red color! Enjoy it!
Enhance your cooking creativity and surprise your friends and family!

50 tea recipes“50 Ways to Drink Tea” offers several different ways to enjoy tea. Illustrated with colourful, authentic images enhances your imagination while you prepare your own recipes.
There are thousands of ways to enjoy different varieties of teas and to mix them with fruit juices, milk, cream, nuts or other herbs. Try them and impress your guests!

the nutritional value of the Mediterranean Sustainable Gastronomy (Mesogeios Gastronomy)18 Greek Recipes – the nutritional value of the Mediterranean Sustainable Gastronomy. Take a trip to the Mediterranean seas, mountains and plains through the eighteen traditional Greek recipes of this book.
A book written by three Dietitians and contains nutritional comments for each recipe.


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