Mint: did you know that…

Mint has so many properties and benefits that: “For someone to name all the properties of mint, must know how many fish swim in the Indian Ocean” Naturalist of the 12th century Accelerates the heart rate Aphrodisiac Analgesic Antibacterial Antiemetic (Stops vomiting) Antipyretic Antiseptic Antispasmodic Anxiety Asthma Bronchitis Burns Calming Cough and sore throat Disinfectant […]

Mint and Greek mythology

The myth of Mint

THE MYTH OF MINT comes from the ancient Greek Mythology. The name Mint is derived from the ancient “Minthe.” Minthe was one of the Naiads, the nymphs who lived in the county of Elis in Greece. She was the daughter of Kokytos. Her beauty was so marvelous that Pluto, the God of the underworld, fell […]

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Medicine and herbs: Did you know that…

mediterranean people since ancient times looked for their diets and medicines in nature. in ancient times was believed that Prometheus taught people how to use herbs for healing purposes. the father of medicine, Hippocrates recorded 400 species of herbs, while Dioscorides wrote a botanical study inf the 1st century AD, which included 600 plants, 40 […]

Rosemary, the “rose of the sea”!

Rosemary has played a major role in Mediterranean people’s life.You can use rosemary to prepare healing beverages or to give your meals a special flavor, to relieve the headache or to stimulate your hair, even as an elixir of youth! I almost forgot: If you are a witch, watch out because it can vanquish you… […]

New Release! 30 Ways to Use Rosemary!

30 Ways to use Rosemary (by Evelyn) is the brand new book of the creative “X-Ways to” ebook series. An introduction to the numerous uses of  Rosemary, an herb with multiple properties and benefits, variously used since ancient times until today. Following the same fun and intuitive spirit of the previously published books of the […]