What is Bo-he

WAYS TO USE MINT KINDLEI recently had an objection from a reviewer that Bo He is not wild mint, he or she said exactly ” Chinese (Bo He) Mint is not wild. It is widely cultivated and harvested 2-3 times a year in China.”

Well, I would like to add some informative quotes about bo he:

“BO HE Mentha haplocalyx [Syn Mentha canadaensis, Mentha arvensis, var.haplocalyx, Mentha arvensis] (Source: Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines – Molecular Structures … By Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan)

Bo He:

Botanical name: Mentha haplocalyx
Common name: Mentha, Field mint

Mentha haplocalyx is a wild species of field mint native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and widely cultivated in China.[www.jadeinstitute.com]


Mentha haplocalyx (Field Mint, Chinese Mint, Corn Mint, Bo He) (Source: Herbal encyclopedia)




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