December Winners!

Two of our friends just won

one book each!

Dear winners, in order to send you the book you like,

please pick the title you prefer

  • 50 Ways to Drink Tea
  • 30 Ways to Eat a Tomato
  • Rosemary, the prince of herbs and 30 ways to use it
  • Mint the miraculous herb and more than 30 ways to use it
  • 30 Ways to See the Acropolis
  • How to Stay Awake, and 30 ways to kill daytime fatigue
  • 18 Greek recipes
  • Eight Hours
  • 220 Raw Recipes – A complete guide to raw enzymatic diet, secrets and lifestyle
  • 80 Recipes For Beauty Face Masks and a Complete Guide to Create Your Own Combinations


and send us a notice

through Facebook fan page

or via email!

Every month, 2 of you can get the book of their preference, totaly FREE!

You don’t have to do much.


like and winX-Ways Facebook Fan Page!

And if you don’t win this time, there is always a change next month! Because this offer is not just for December 2013; it will be continued during all 2014!

Details: When your name is chosen at the end of each month,  it will be announced, while you will get a facebook message. Then it is your turn to choose among the series, the book you would like to get and it will be sent to you in pdf format.

That’s all!


Don’t forget to Like!

Be well 🙂


2 thoughts on “December Winners!

    • Hello Laura!

      I’ve just send you your free gift!

      Please check your spam folder too, because sometimes emails with attachments go there.

      Have a wonderful new year!

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