Use Tea for..

TEA COCKTAIL Ingredients: 2 green tea bags, 3 cups of mineral water, 4 limes, ½ squeezed grape fruit, 4 oz. of Cachaca Brazilian spirit, Crushed ice, 8 tbsp of brown sugar How to: Boil water and remove from heat. Pour it over the teabags, and let it steep for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags […]

X-Ways Recommends…

Found this great new magazine from the UK and thought to recommend it. We support any new, innovative, smart idea from people with vision, ideals, creativity and new thinking for a better world, planet and a better humanity. As the Lucuma magazine creators mention: ” Lúcuma is a magazine about the new age lifestyle, written […]

Today’s X ways to: “use egg shells”

The egg shells contain 98% of calcium carbonate. Don’t throw them away! Wash them, remove the membrane from the inside and press them into your palm to break them into small pieces. Sprinkle around the base of your plants or mix them with the soil. They are a great, natural and ecological fertilizer, especially if […]