Cool Raw beverage!

Get a flat belly with a deliscious raw cold drink with raw hazelnuts (antioxidants, vitamin E), freshly squezed orange juice (vitamin C), apple (pectin and fiber), banana (potassium), honey (antiseptic and germicide) and cinnamon (antioxidant). Just put the below ingedients in the blender every morning. Enjoy a deliscious smoothie as breakfast and a flat tummy! […]

Hibiscus Tea Benefits: did you know that…

hibiscus tea lowers the  blood pressure and reduces the risk of a heart attack. it reduces the fat deposits in arteries and controls cholesterol level. as an antioxidant it prevents  many forms of cancer. it is an excellent diuretic. hibiscus Tea’s enzyme inhibitors impact the fat absorption process in our body and help us to […]

Spices: add beneficial properties to your tea!

Spices can give a special flavor to your tea but they are also very beneficial to your health. They have been used since the ancient times for flavor improvement and for medical purposes too. Some of them help against cancer and kill germs while others reduce cholesterol or improve blood circulation. Let me give you […]

Mountain tea: Did you know that…

in ancient times was believed that mountain tea could heal a wound caused by an iron object. Dioscorides mentions it with the name Sideritis, which is its current official name. It is also known as shepherd’s tea or ironwort. in Greece there are many varieties, such as “Sideritis syriaca”, “Sideritis raeseri”, “Sideritis cladestina”, “Sideritis parxoliata” […]

Kinds of tea: Did you know that…

the basic types of tea: white, green, black and Oolong come from the shoots of the plant Camelia Synensis. the fermentation process is the factor that differentiates the types. white tea is the less processed (unfermented.) So it retains most of the plant catechins which are very beneficial to the health of our cells. It […]