Do it yourself: apple vinegar

Making apple vinegar at home is not that difficult. Actually it is quite easy but it takes some time (about 1 to 1,1/2 month).

Apple vinegar has so many benefits that will amaze you, such as:

Drinking 1 tbsp apple vinegar in 1 glass of water helps in allergies, weight loss, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar. Apple vinegar also can help in cases of skin problems such as acne, hair problems, insect bites, helps against bacteria and candida, stabilizes blood PH and more!

how to make apple vinegarYou can use any apple parts; apple pieces, seeds and cores, peels, everything. Just put them in a bowl and let them sit for one day to start browning.

Choose organic apples and wash them before use.

Meanwhile, pick a large glass jar and clean it well; sterilizing it might be the best (put it in the oven, at 275°F/130°C, for about 20 minutes)

how to make apple vinegar

Put the apples material in the jar and fill with water.

Find a nice tule cloth to cover the jar opening. Don’t cover with a cap because the air must be allowed to flow.

Put the tule cloth over the opening and tie it with a string; if it seems difficult, use an elastic band.

how to make apple vinegar

The whole first week you can add some more apple stuff, left overs form apples you have peeled to eat, etc. Just put them in the jar with the others. Stop adding if you notice that the water surface starts to thicken.

For at least one to one and a half month, keep the jar with the cloth cover in a slightly warm and dark place away from sunlight.

The water will become turbid in the first few days, while a thick and sticky layer will be formed gradually at the top water surface.

how to make apple vinegarAfter 30-45 days your apple vinegar is ready; you can start tasting it a bit after the month passes. Strain and pour it in a glass bottle.

It won’t be clear as the one you buy from the store, but it’s ok; this is how it should be.

Just try it in your salads and you will find out yourself, how wonderfully natural apple vinegar it is, and most importantly, made by your own hands!

If the thick layer appears again in the bottle after a few days, it is because it continues to ferment. Strain again or use a small strainer every tine you serve.


…Evelyn 🙂

…more of do it yourself soon.


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