Mint and Pregnancy

There are several herbs that even though they are very beneficial, they better be avoided during pregnancy. However, as several documents and opinions say, Mint Tea is not one of them; and by mint tea we are talking about mint infusions or decoctions. According to my research, all mint formulas better be avoided during breastfeeding, […]

2 Free Books Each Month!

A new offer opens this week: Every month, 2 of you can get the book of their preference, totaly FREE! You don’t have to do much. Just X-Ways Facebook Fan Page! And if you don’t win this time, there is always a change next month! Because this offer is not just for December 2013; it […]

Updates: Tomato marmalade

BOOK: 30 Ways to EAT A TOMATO RECIPE: MARMELADE IT! Since it is tomato season, yesterday I made some new tomato marmalade. I mention though a few additional notes that would be very helpful. 1. It takes about 4,5 pounds tomatoes to get 2 pounds of peeled, squeezed and without seeds tomato stuff. 2. When […]