homemade apple vinegar

Do it yourself: apple vinegar

Making apple vinegar at home is not that difficult. Actually it is quite easy but it takes some time (about 1 to 1,1/2 month). Apple vinegar has so many benefits that will amaze you, such as: Drinking 1 tbsp apple vinegar in 1 glass of water helps in allergies, weight loss, reduces cholesterol and blood […]

Plant your own rosemary bush

Planting and growing rosemary is very easy, as long as there is: 1. enough sunlight. This doesn’t mean that the sun should “burn” the plant all day long, but it certainly needs to recieve direct sunlight for a few hours each day. 2. an already grown rosemary somewhere, from which you can cut one or […]

Anti-aging face mask!

Use an autumn fruit to take care of your face after a long summer! This mask has anti-aging properties, it is nourishing and moisturizing while it it treats dryness, protects skin resilience and has a firming effect. Also very good for mild sunburns. All you need is: A handful of white grape 1 egg yolk […]

face mask with oats, honey and yogurt

Natural face masks!

How about a natural treat for your cute face? Here it is: This mask is made with oats, honey and yogurt and it is quite for all skin types. It has anti-aging properties, it is nourishing and moisturizing while it cleans and exfoliates gently your skin. It is also great for breakfast too! 🙂 Ingredients: […]

Do it yourself: sundried figs

This is the first time I tried to make homemade sun-dried figs. I think it worked fine and I already have a jar of dried figs stored. Although I know I have to discover many secrets yet, I would like to share my experience so far. It might be useful to those who have access […]

Do it yourself: refresh your old breakfast tray

Well, once upon a time, I had an old and dirty tray, wondering around the garden and wearing out by the rain and sun.. It was completely useless since it was dirty and impossible to look clean again, no matter how hard I washed it. Then I discovered I had some pink paint stored and […]

Do it yourself: homemade raw milk

Lets make some nuts and grains milk! I ‘m using almonds and barley. Soak the almonds and the barley overnight in different bowls. Next day, strain, peel the almonds and put it with the barley in a food processor or a blender. Add some water too. Blend well. Use a tulle cloth to strain. Squeeze […]