Do it yourself: sundried figs

This is the first time I tried to make homemade sun-dried figs. I think it worked fine and I already have a jar of dried figs stored. Although I know I have to discover many secrets yet, I would like to share my experience so far. It might be useful to those who have access to fresh figs,

and some sunlight of course.

You are going to need:

water, lemon, a large bowl, paper towel, a needle, some string, a tulle cloth, a glass jar, bay leaves and …figs!

homemade sun dried figsFirst, collect the figs.

The good news is that they don’t have to be in great shape or freshly picked from the tree. I had hem a few days in the fridge before I do this.

Wash them thoroughly and then, dip them for a few minutes in a water and lemon mixture (equal quantities of water and lemon). This preserves the color and kills the bacteria.

homemade sun dried figs

Squeeze the figs a bit, to “open” and

lay them on a paper towel to absorb the excess water.

homemade sun dried figs

Τhen take the needle and the string.

Puncture one by one the figs with the needle , and when you finish, knot the edges of the string to make this bunch.

You have to cover it with a tulle cloth, so to keep dirt and most importantly, insects away. The cloth has to be transparent in order to let the sun do his job.

Hang it in a place that is full of sunlight for most of the hours of the day.

I chose a pole to hang it. I did it because I had to find a place where no cats could walk and ..pee above them as they mark their territory 🙂

homemade sun dried figs

After about 15 days you unhang the bunch of figs, and remove them from the string!

When I did that, I noticed some that some liquids and juices still remained in between them. However I tried one and it was fine.

homemade sun dried figsIf this happen to you too, do what I did. Place them on a plate, cover again with the tulle cloth and let them 2-3 more days in the sun.

Next I stored them in a glass jar that closes well.

homemade sun dried figs

Press them in a sterilized glass jar, and lay some bay leaves in between them.

Bay leaves give aroma and protect them from insects and other bugs.

I also sprinkled them with some sesame seeds.

I have a few more figs and I’m planning to try it again by doing some things differently this time. Then I will describe this new experience too!


…Evelyn 🙂

…more of do it yourself soon.


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