Mint and Greek mythology

The myth of Mint

THE MYTH OF MINT comes from the ancient Greek Mythology. The name Mint is derived from the ancient “Minthe.” Minthe was one of the Naiads, the nymphs who lived in the county of Elis in Greece. She was the daughter of Kokytos. Her beauty was so marvelous that Pluto, the God of the underworld, fell […]

Homemade hair mask..

..with rosemary. A hair mask you can prepare at home, for strong and shiny hair. Ingredients: 1/2 cup olive oil 1 tbsp dried rosemary ½ teaspoon lanolin  1 egg yolk 1 lemon juice Preparation: Boil rosemary in 3/4 cup of water, remove from fire, let it stand for about 1/2 hour and strain. Allow to […]

Today’s X ways to: use parsley!

Chewing parsley leaves can actually help with bad breath issues. Parley leaves contain high amounts of chlorophyl wich eliinates bad breath. According to Dr. Howard Westcott’s findings back in 1950, chlorophyl used in small doses, can have a neutralizing effect on breath and several body odors.

Cooking with herbs: Did you know that…

rosemary is used a lot in cooking. However, its properties are more than the aroma and flavor it gives to food. grilled or fried meats, fish etc release hazardous substances during baking. The high cooking temperatures cause the formation of these chemicals (HCAs and PAHs) in meat, fish and poultry which may be carcinogenic. these […]

May 1st, 2nd and 3rd: FREE kindle book!

FREE ONLY FOR 3 DAYS: 30 Ways to Use Rosemary – one of the most flavoring and beneficial herbs by Evelyn Get it now for free and discover the numerous properties and benefits of Rosemary! GET IT NOW for FREE! Following the same fun and intuitive spirit of the previously published books of the series, […]

Medicine and herbs: Did you know that…

mediterranean people since ancient times looked for their diets and medicines in nature. in ancient times was believed that Prometheus taught people how to use herbs for healing purposes. the father of medicine, Hippocrates recorded 400 species of herbs, while Dioscorides wrote a botanical study inf the 1st century AD, which included 600 plants, 40 […]

Rosemary, the “rose of the sea”!

Rosemary has played a major role in Mediterranean people’s life.You can use rosemary to prepare healing beverages or to give your meals a special flavor, to relieve the headache or to stimulate your hair, even as an elixir of youth! I almost forgot: If you are a witch, watch out because it can vanquish you… […]