Mint: did you know that…

Mint has so many properties and benefits that: “For someone to name all the properties of mint, must know how many fish swim in the Indian Ocean” Naturalist of the 12th century Accelerates the heart rate Aphrodisiac Analgesic Antibacterial Antiemetic (Stops vomiting) Antipyretic Antiseptic Antispasmodic Anxiety Asthma Bronchitis Burns Calming Cough and sore throat Disinfectant […]

Mint and Pregnancy

There are several herbs that even though they are very beneficial, they better be avoided during pregnancy. However, as several documents and opinions say, Mint Tea is not one of them; and by mint tea we are talking about mint infusions or decoctions. According to my research, all mint formulas better be avoided during breastfeeding, […]

X-Ways to use: Lettuce

Winter time, the season of Lettuce, a vegetable that can do for you more than just a salad! Do you have spider veins on your face? Then, lettuce is your ingredient for a natural face mask! Ingredients: 3-4 lettuce leaves (small to medium) 2 tbsp olive oil ½ lemon juice How to: We will not […]

Plant your own rosemary bush

Planting and growing rosemary is very easy, as long as there is: 1. enough sunlight. This doesn’t mean that the sun should “burn” the plant all day long, but it certainly needs to recieve direct sunlight for a few hours each day. 2. an already grown rosemary somewhere, from which you can cut one or […]

Mint and Greek mythology

The myth of Mint

THE MYTH OF MINT comes from the ancient Greek Mythology. The name Mint is derived from the ancient “Minthe.” Minthe was one of the Naiads, the nymphs who lived in the county of Elis in Greece. She was the daughter of Kokytos. Her beauty was so marvelous that Pluto, the God of the underworld, fell […]